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Venous Insufficiency Treatment Options

Venous Insufficiency refers to a series of changes, which occur in one’s legs when the veins in those legs do not function properly. Veins act as conduits which carry blood from the legs to the heart. This is achieved by a series of valves on the vein’s inner wall which, like locks in a shipping canal, open to permit the flow of blood toward the heart but close to prohibit the flow of blood away from the heart.

In certain conditions, such as with varicose veins, or veins which have had blood clots, these valves do not close properly, leaving a gap between them and thus they are unable to prevent the backward flow of blood away from the heart (hence the name venous insufficiency), i.e. veins which do not function properly.

Oregon Surgical Specialists provides extensive varicose and spider vein treatment options. Please visit our Advanced Vein Center for in-depth spider and varicose vein information and treatment options.

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Advanced Vein Center

Advanced Vein Center

If you have varicose or spider veins, you’re not alone. You are one of over 40 million Americans with the same health issue. The good news is that today’s technology is providing a wide variety of non-invasive solutions which make treatment easier and more effective than ever before.

At the Advanced Vein Center in Medford, Oregon, we can help. Our site provides information about varicose and spider vein health issues and the vein treatments.

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