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Vascular Center

Providing the most comprehensive diagnostic and surgery services for vascular disorders in the region

Vascular surgery treats the network of blood vessels that circulate blood to and from the heart and lungs. With 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body, the vascular system is one of the most complicated and all encompassing systems.

The Vascular Center at Oregon Surgical Specialists offers the most extensive array of diagnostic, vascular and endovascular surgical services in our region. The most common vascular health conditions are addressed on our web site.


Our highly specialized testing helps us ensure you get the right treatment for your particular vascular condition.

Oregon Surgical Specialists’ Vascular Laboratory has been serving the region since 1999. Our on-site lab is one of the few in Oregon dedicated specifically to non-invasive vascular diagnostics and is the vascular laboratory of choice for over 3,600 tests per year. Our lab is accredited by the ICAVL and fully staffed by Registered Vascular Technologists (RVT), extensively trained and certified in diagnostic screening methods specific to vascular disorders. Exams are supervised and interpreted by our board-certified, fellowship trained vascular surgeons.

IAC Accredited Facility for Vascular Testing



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